Solve for Happy – Ticket for Two (best price)


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Come join

This event is the only event where Mo personally takes a FULL DAY to share the underlying reasons for human suffering. Using an engineering approach to logic and problem solving, he proposes a “happiness equation”. He’ll share concrete science, logic and a series of practical activities to help you explore how the concepts apply specifically to you. This is a unique chance to interact with him and explore his life-changing insights about how to live a happier life.

This event is based on his book, ‘Solve For Happy’. With a lot of time to discuss on the core fundamentals of the book, Q&A, friendly interactions, fun and fundamental quality time with like-minded people.


For whom?

‘Solve for Happy ’ is intended for forward-looking people, be it leaders, entrepreneurs or professionals who want to:
• develop their self-awareness and skills;
• increase happiness, engagement and contentment;
• create a culture where people give their best;
• add value to global happiness.


We’re making this affordable for everyone

We believe that education of happiness should be accessible to everyone. This is why we don’t charge hundreds of euros. Your TICKET for this FULL DAY EXPERIENCE is € 179,- for one ticket and € 320,- when you bring a friend (excl BTW).

With your ticket, you receive: coffee and tea during the whole day, a healthy lunch, drinks and snacks and a FREE copy of the Dutch translation of ‘Solve for Happy’ (De logica van geluk). Best deal ever! Limited seating available: there are only 150 tickets available. Given our highly appreciated guest, we expect to be sold out within the next weeks.


VIP Tickets

There are also 20 VIP tickets available à € 299,- VIP’s get front row seats and are invited to join us for an enjoyable dinner afterward. If you’re interested in a VIP ticket please send your email to


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